Intentional Connections

I like to tell people that I don’t like people. This is simultaneously the truth and a lie.

I am my best self when I have space for introspection, but I value connection. I’ve benefited from this because the greater portion of my connections are meaningful – even in my interactions with acquaintances and strangers are intentional.

Being intentional has helped me better understand:

  • People want to be seen, and they want to be valued.
  • You can’t be friends with everyone.

Obvious, right? But these things need to result in action.

Both of them.

Taking action on the connections with people you can’t be friends with is obviously the more difficult one, and I’ve gotten it wrong plenty of times. The key is learning when you get it wrong, and getting it wrong in new and meaningful ways each time. The biggest aid in making better mistakes (or, hopefully, getting it right) is to remember the first point – even those you can’t befriend still need to be valued.

The Take-Away:

You aren’t obligated to be everyone’s friend, but you can still have meaningful connections with people who can’t be your friend.

Make your connections intentional.